Automotive Services

Car Openings

All of our service trucks are fully equipped to open most types of vehicles if you are locked out. Beware of other companies that are advertising minimal charges only to change the price once they arrive onsite. This has become a common scam with locksmiths that do not have a physical business address of operation. Most of these technicians are outsourced from out-of-state companies that advertise locally and try to lure customers with very low rates. Once they arrive, they change the rates and claim the price quoted was just the travel fee. At this point they will attempt to get as much money as they can out of every helpless customer.

Lost Keys Generated

We can cut most vehicle keys by code (from scratch) when given a valid key code. Key codes can also be obtained from some vehicles VIN numbers. When these options do not work, we are equipped with a variety of decoding tools to originate a new key for your vehicle. Our service trucks are fully equipped to come to you for this service or you can have your vehicle towed to our location (must call to set up an appointment). Depending on the type of vehicle, sometimes all we need is single lock and not the entire vehicle to generate a new key.

Broken Keys Extracted

Most broken keys can be extracted easily from a lock if the lock has not been damaged. Before attempting to remove the key yourself, consider calling us. We have seen many times where a customer has damaged their lock in addition to having a broken key after they have attempted to remove it themselves. We carry a variety of equipment and tools to extract and duplicate broken keys. This can be done at the vehicle or at our location if the vehicle is drivable.

Remotes Sold & Programmed

We stock and program a large variety of OEM and aftermarket remotes for many makes and models of different vehicles.

Chip Keys Duplicated & Programmed

We have a large selection of transponder keys in stock as well as the necessary equipment to program them to your vehicle. We also have the ability to clone most vehicle chip keys to keep your cost down.

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